Home Made


There’s No Place Like… was made in response to the brief “What is the REEL Australia” for Australia Day 2011.

In There’s No Place Like… two journeys are played out over a collage of
textured and fragmented images and sounds of easily recognisable symbols
of Australia; a journey of growing up as an Australian and understanding what that means, and a journey of migration and relocation.

The thunderstorm breaks before dawn, washing the land clean, ready for
another sweltering day of summer. The heavy clouds pass, crickets and
cicadas emerge­­, taking up their mantle as the sopranos of summer. It’s time
to head to the beach, jump in the emerald sea and listen to children splash
in the shallows. Dad tinkers away in his shed, out of the sun, with the races humming on the radio. The sizzle of snags on the barbeque, like your feet sizzling as you run barefoot across the bitumen. The sun is at its hottest; the air is still and stifling like the traffic. Finally relief as the rain pours from the sky once more, cooling a sunburnt country. Night falls once again, the many sounds of animals and insects sing us to sleep.

Being lost and found conceptually evokes the deep feelings we all have
of place and belonging. Little Girl’s reference to the fictional film about an Indigenous Australian going walkabout acknowledges Australia’s traditional owners, as she starts to understand their intricate relationship with the land that we all now call home — the real Australia.

“There’s No Place Like…” investigates the experience of many migrants
who both long for home and yet in returning to their motherland realise it is Australia that has become the place they identify as home.


Finding the LOVE in Clovelly – video clip for Sydney band The Plinkers.

The Plinkers, a ukulele duo, take you on a hunt for love, music and ukuleles around Clovelly, the beach town in Sydney Australia, where they live, swim and play.


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